Legowelt – Tower of the Gipsies EP

Legowelt had become more or less the biggest export product of The Netherlands when it comes to electro. The sound of Legowelt has changed a bit during the past years, from more techno orientated electro towards italo disco influenced electro nowadays. This new Tower of the Gipsies EP is not like most Legowelt records filled with dance tracks. Only three of the seven tracks are suitable for the dancefloor.

The tracks that are not dance tunes are more like intro’s, intermezzos and like ‘No one hears you cry’ sketch like pieces of sound. But, the tracks that are danceable are all you could expect. ‘A Dark Land’ is a dark disco track that will get people dancing. ‘Dance of the Moonbird’ is another floorfiller with a nice beat that hits like a whip. The only thing is that this track is going on a little too long and gets a little boring after a while. ‘The Dimension Door’ is much better. This is a slow and sleazy track with a nice atmosphere.

Tower of the Gipsies is maybe not the best Legowelt record, or a must have, but it is a good record and essential for every Bunker devotee.

artist: Legowelt
label: Bunker Records
details: 12' [bunker 3030]