Leidensweg – Dead man’s world

Even though this already is the third cd by the German trio Leidensweg, they have never got a lot of attention outside their own region. But this is bound to change with Dead Man’s World. Synth-pop and electro are combined into a sound that reminds of Cruxshadows as well as Depeche Mode.

After the intro, the album opens with the very danceable “Awful desire” with a special role for the vocals of Frank Roessel and Daniel Guenther. These vocals are a very positive point on this whole album, lifting it above many other releases in the synthpop genre.

Not all songs are as danceable as “Awful Desire” or “At close range”. The cover of “Scarborough Fair” and the almost ballad “Soul Shards” show a complete other side of the band. Very promising indeed.

Though there is enough variation between the songs, the album clearly is a unity, instead of a bunch of loose songs. And it is an album everyone who likes Covenant or the older Deine Lakaien should hear indeed, they will most probably enjoy it.

artist: Leidensweg
label: self-released
details: 13 tracks, 2004