Lescalleet, Jason – Mattresslessness

I’ve been looking forward to hearing a solo-release by Jason Lescalleet ever since his amazing collaboration cd with John Hudak was released. I had been following the works of Hudak for years, and was really surprised with the collaboration as it was far more musical and subtle that I was used to. The raw soundloops and recordings Hudak normally delivers were adapted and processed into a very flowing and minimal organic soundscape.

This first solo cd by Lescalleet seems to continue in the same vein. The tracks, made with tapeloops, are flowing ambient drones, all very minimal and pure but not totally abstract at the same time as there is certainly music in it. Perhaps Lescalleet is using recorded environment sounds or it could have been guitar, I’m not sure. The sounds range from very high to very low frequencies.

It would be best to call this music ‘experimental ambient compositions’ or something, but I’m not sure if calling it experimental would be the appropriate term. The music may sound quite experimental to lots of people, but the music Lescalleet makes has a kind of approach that has been done for years and years. After all people like Hudak, Lopez, or Jim ‘O Rourke have been making this sort of thing for ages. Therefore I would like to classify this as ‘old school’ experimental ambient compositions. It may not be the most original work, but it is very well done.

artist: Lescalleet, Jason
label: cut