Lethargy – In-Macula

After listening to the loud EBM of Stin Scatzor I expected some harsh music from Lethargy, a band I didn’t know yet but also on Black Flames Records. But actually I was quite surprised by the musical style. This project from Spain seems to be influenced more by modern dance music, with a big city feel. Members of Lethergy are Mayte Cruz (vocals, programming, samples und synthesizers) and Julio Tome (production, programming, sampling and synthesizers).

‘The Golden light’ reminds me of Anne Clark, through the female half-spoken vocals, but with a contemporary sound, with a technoid beat and some triphop-like sounds. A nice combination I must say, the mysterious, sometimes sensual female voice and the electronic sounds. This song is really danceable and uptempo, especially the last minutes will drive people wild on the dancefloor! I like the variation between the fast sequences and the restrained spheric moments. ‘Future time’ (with Orwellian-inspired lyrics) also makes me think a little of goa-acts like Juno Reactor. ‘Recycling’ has some nice hypnotic and futuristic qualities.

This is quite different than the music I normally listening, but it makes me move my feet. Lethargy can perhaps bridge the gap between the electro and the techno scene. Well-crafted, infectious dance music, with a clear production, original, daring melodies and good vocals. There is even a version of ‘She’s in parties’ to interest the gothic crowd, which is more entertaining than essential. Lethargy offers fresh and attractive music, which puts me in a good mood. If it wasn’t Monday, I would be off to the city now…

artist: Lethargy
label: Black Flames Records
details: 12 tracks [BFCD 017]