Leviathan – Machinery of Hell

The third release I hear of the Scottish dark ambient musician Leviathan, again released on his own label Monkeyhouse Recordings. Again it is a solid piece of work, this time perhaps even darker than before. The title “Machinery Of Hell” is well-chosen for this mcd.

The first track is a slow, haunting soundscape. It conveys a feeling of solitude and emptiness. Deep dark drones suffocate the air. The same mood is continued on the second track, where choir-resembling sounds add an uneasy feeling to the ungoing, steady machinery. The third and final track, which is also the longest piece, goes on in a minimal, bleak fashion, without much light at the end of the tunnel. Towards the end some sparse industrial sounds adorn the soundscape. Leviathan does not make music to spend many words about, just let the waves of darkness engulf you…

artist: Leviathan
label: Monkeyhouse Recordings
details: cdr [monk004]