Leviathan – Shrouded by Fog

After the succeeded mini-cd “Throne of Bones” this is the second release of Leviathan, a dark ambient act from Scotland. Again we are treated to bleak and sombre soundscapes, with a somewhat ritual, occult atmosphere. This time the music is even more tranquil and mysterious, rising up from underneath the deep fog. Where the debut took you to catacombs hidden deep in the ground, this time you are drifting through solitary plains, devoid oh human contact, trying to find your road to nowhere through the mist.

My favourite piece is the atmospheric ‘Clocktower’, with lovely ethereal soundscapes and a clockwise ticking slow rhythm. Waves of sound engulf you here. I’m further swept away by the sombre and desolate sounds of ‘The seawitch’s lament’, a subtle and beautiful long composition full of mourning.

An excellent cd by the sound sculptor from Edinburgh. I even appreciated it in broad daylight, though the ethereal music is more suited to listen to very early in the morning, when nobody is awake yet and a fog blocks the first sunrays.

artist: Leviathan
label: Monkeyhouse Recordings
details: 7 tracks. monk002