Leviathan – The throne of bones

This is a double debut: both for the Scottish label Monkeyhouse as well as for the dark ambient act Leviathan. This mini cd contains 27 minutes of slow dark music, with a freezing cold mood. Industrial mechanic sounds, slow bells and strange noises form the perfect ‘Invocation’ to put you in the right (not so cheerful) mood. The vague graveyard photo on the front makes you think of early Cold Meat stuff, which is of course usually a reference point for this type of music.

‘Wraithmarch’ has a fine black ambience, reminding of oldf Megapera or Archon Satani. Mastermind Gaendaal has managed though to give his own twist to the classic dark ambient sound. The combination of sounds and song structures is certainly good and original enough. ‘Tomb’ is a pleasantly spacious ambient piece, like you are situated in a large void, somewhere near the machine-room. Towards the end a few more noisy and distorted elements occur in the otherwise rather tranquil and slow funereal music of Leviathan. On ‘Lost in Darkness’ some obscure whispered vocals can be heard. This track goes seamlessly over into the impressive title-track, which is divided into three parts. ‘Throne of Bones’ is rather deviating, with martial percussion and nice classical/orchestral parts. A nicely built up composition with a haunting atmosphere.
A succeeded debut, with fine dark and deep ritual soundscapes.

artist: Leviathan
label: Monkeyhouse Recordings
details: 5 tracks. monk001