Liars – They were wrong, so we drowned

The second album of artrock group Liars from Brooklyn, after the acclaimed “They threw us all in a trench and stuck a monument on top”. This new album is a conceptual album, dealing with themes of witchcraft, folklore, mayhem and paranoia. The music of Liars is quite hard to describe.

Their music is slightly chaotic and not too melodic, but also monotonous and hypnotic at times. They employ experimental noisy guitar pop like Sonic Youth (for instance on ‘If yopur a wizard, then why do you wear glasses?’), but also funky post-punk styles in the vein of A Certain Ratio or Gang of Four or the rambling out-of-tune sound of The Fall. ‘Broken witch’ also reminds me of early Faith no More stuff. Furthermore Liars use more electronic elements now than on their debut. This ‘witch album’ is a little estranging, and not always completely convincing, but I like the original concept and daring approach.

artist: Liars
label: Mute