Like A Tim – Draw A Bot

The Dutch musician Like A Tim has been producing electronic music since years and has released his music through well known labels like Djax and Rephlex. Earlier this year Like A Tim started his own Like Records label. After the mini lp Little Acid Tracks he has recently released the Draw A Bot EP.

Just like on Little Acid Tracks there are again lots of references to the 80’s, and not only in the music. The opening track is titled ‘Suicides are made of this’, a parody on the biggest Eurythmics hit. Musically Draw A Bot merges electronic 80’s pop, acid and electronica. ‘Haunted’ is an up-tempo bouncing track that has elektro elements to it. Funny is the Cindy Lauper cover ‘Girls just wanna have fun’. This version is almost as good as the original. Only too bad it is an instrumental track. Maybe the original artist is willing to do the vocal part for a next release.

Draw A Bot is a nice poppy EP with a dominant 80’s feeling. Little Acid Tracks did however show some more diversity and was thus also a little better.

artist: Like A Tim
label: Like Records
details: 7', 4 tracks [like2]