Lilac Ambush – Breathe deep EP

This formation from Fishtown, Massachusetts makes modern dark pop, with influences from new wave, gothic and industrial crossover. Although they formed in 2001, this is already their second EP. It contains 4 different tracks, plus radio edits of the songs ‘Breathe Deep’ and ‘One Reason’.The fact that this mcd contains radio edits already gives one the suspicion that Lilac Ambush does not aim to make extreme underground music. And indeed, the songs sound rather poppy, with some not too loud electric guitars, catchy melodies, some pleasant synth sounds and uptempo beats. This makes the music probably suited for airplay on some independent radio stations. But it is not enough to really convince me though. I miss something extra, something special which distinguishes Lilac Ambush from other acts. After listening to this cd I can’t really recall a true memorable moment. Also the singing is a bit flat and not really convincing. I appreciate the fact that this young formation has made already a professional sounding EP, but they have to do some extra effort to rise above the competition. I have good hope though that we will here from them in the future…

artist: Lilac Ambush
label: Twisted Spinach