Lilac Ambush – Four Stories EP

Last year I encountered Lilac Ambush through their Breathe Deep mini cd. Now the band from Massachusetts is back with a new EP, entitled “Four stories”. And indeed, we are treated to four songs, again with a mixture of gothic rock and wave. The drum-machine makes their music quite danceable, and they don’t make a secret of their 80’s influences. On this EP Lilac Ambush sounds more aggressive, mostly through the heavier use of guitars.

The first song, ‘Unreal’ has surprisingly loud guitars and a monotonous dance beat, mixed with a few trancelike elements and typical, not completely convincing dark male vocals. Certainly a catchy song, though lacking a really good refrain and lasting rather long (over 6 minutes). ‘Need versus want’ sounds more electro-like, but also with some postpunk influences, making me think a bit of Gary Numan. A rather straightforward song, but effective. On ‘Endless Dawn’ the guitars play a greater role again, but in the midtempo vocal part I am reminded of Depeche Mode. The last song, ‘Summer’s problem’, changes the mood a little, it’s a slow song with emotional vocals and nice moody guitar work. A little in the vein of early Factory acts like Section 25 and of course Joy Division, though the song sounds ‘rockier’ at the end.
Lilac Ambush is certainly an act to try if you are fond of accessible, uptempo goth rock, with heavy guitars and a dance beat.

artist: Lilac Ambush
label: Twisted Spinach