Lith – Tribal End

The second album of Lith on Divine Comedy Records. Harsh uptempo electronic music, with industrial, tribal and trance elements. The focus lies on distorted noises, fast (break)beats and monotonous rhythms, but luckily there also more subtle, moodier elements present to ensure the necessary diversity. The album is value for money, because it lasts almost 80 minutes, with additional remixes by P.A.L., Iszoloscope, Empusae and others, who in general make the tracks even more noisy and violent.

Though the music is quite demanding and complex at times, it still invites you to the dancefloor. For (easy) listening in the living room I find “Tribal End” less suitable, it makes me tired and restless after a couple of tracks. In the field of tribal industrial I then prefer the work of This Morn’ Omina. But I think it would be impressive to hear this music at high volume at a dark underground industrial party. Tracks like ‘l.dose 50’, ‘mk.h’ and the P.A.L. remix ‘Aussterben 4’ are real violent dancefloor attacks. My personal favourite is probably the more moderate ‘Boreal’.

artist: Lith
label: Divine Comedy Records
details: 2004 (500 copies) [DC 034]