Little Match Girl – Little Match Girl

Little Match Girl was formed in 1999 and was named after the Hans Christian Andersen tale. They have been playing live for a while, but this is their debut album on the new label PlanetGhost Music from Leeds (UK). Their music can be described as industrial (metal), with ‘a twist of retro-sleaze and a pinch of nu-goth’. Fourteen tracks are on their varied self-titled debut, of which ‘Burn me up’ is the single. It’s a KMFDM-like hard stompin’ track, suitable for listening while driving at a too high speed. Nothing too original here perhaps. Danceable electronic beats, grinding guitars, aggressive vocals. Some NIN, a little Ministry, a dose of Manson, a few drops of punk and techno. A track like ‘On that road/Some noise’ is faster and goes more in the direction of speedmetal/hardcore. ‘Version X’ displays more electronic dance influences, with cold vocals. If you like your music loud and fast and you appreciate cyber-industrial-metal with rough female vocals, you could safely try Little Match Girl. An energetic inflammable mixture.

artist: Little Match Girl
label: Planetghost