Lockweld – 8 cuts

This is a cool and dangerous looking piece of vinyl, with sharp edges, looking like a saw blade. So it comes as no surprise that this album by Lockweld contains no acoustic ballads, but 8 ‘cuts’ of harsh noise. Which is also the speciality of the label NCC, which stands for Noise Control Corp.

With leather gloves on I put the needle on the record and I take a few steps backwards. The first short track is really an aggressive piece of powernoise, with brutal ‘vocals’. The second cut is more restrained and minimal, with rhythmic noises and low rumblings, reminding me somewhat of Winterkalte. The rather slow third track actually sounds as if someone is carefully dissected with a chainsaw and other household tools. The last track on side A is harsher and extremer again, with vocals sounding like a troturred caveman. This stuff could have been made in Japan. The B-side contains 4 more noisy sonic attacks. Especially cut 6 is to my liking, a strangily distorted wall of sound with relentless drones.

In the past years there have already been countless releases of harsh industrial noise, but for some reason this record by Lockweld can be ranged among the better ones. A convincing, effective piece of machinery. Some people will perhaps only buy it for the original shape of the vinyl…

artist: Lockweld
label: NCC Records
details: 8 tracks. 500 copies [NCC V.01]