Lokasenna – Archive: 1994-2004

This cd-r is a collection of five tracks which were recorded in a period spanning ten years! Despite this the selection feels cohesive and the tracks make up for a nice and interesting EP.

Lokasenna is a Belgium project that produces post-industrial / avant-garde music with a bombastic touch. Opening track ‘Citysickness’ begins with some strange piano sounds but evolves into a bombastic and atmospheric piece.

‘Einsame Helden’ and ‘Cello’ have the same mood and feeling as some Dernière Volonté tracks. But, Lokasenna is not a clone of this band. The sound of the songs on this cd are less military and also less poppy as the recent Dernière Volonté material. Lokasenna is more experimental and avant-gardistic.

The other two tracks, ‘L’ame solitaire’ and ‘Derniere Acte’, only confirm the talents of Lokasenna in producing excellent post-industrial music. This is a very interesting project. Too bad only these five tracks are available at the moment. You can get this cd-r for only 6 Euro at the Belgian Hospital Food site.

artist: Lokasenna
label: self-released
details: 5 tracks