Lonsai Maïkov vs. Dissonant Elephant – Heroïc Inventory

I hardly know a thing about this band, but I liked the contributions of Lonsai Maikov on the samplers “Cavalvare le Tigre” and ‘Mysteria Mythrae”. Lonsai Maikov consists of four members, and I think they come from France. This single contains 4 tracks on nice red vinyl. The music can be described as rather minimal, traditional neo-folk, with a few psychedelic elements. The songs consist mainly of acoustic guitars, and a low male voice, between singing and speaking. Some artists that it makes me think of are In Gowan Ring and Changes.

The songs on this single were already recorded in 1995/1996. I think this single is sort of a re-release, on Abyss Recordings, a small label from Berlin. Although the music is nice, the tracks are less convincing than their songs on the aforementioned samplers. But still a release that is above average.

artist: Lonsai Maïkov vs. Dissonant Elephant
label: Abyss Records
details: 7' single, 4 tracks, limited to 123 copies