Lopez, Francisco + Steve Roden – Le chemin du paradis

Francisco Lopez is well known in the drone-scene for his amazing sound recording and sound-manipulation of natural phenomena. Recording rainforests, underwater life, etc. He often ranges from very silent and total quietness to huge walls of sound. Steve Roden is best known for his In between Noise project, that did lots of recordings on special sites, such as unused buildings, etc. The recording aspect of these artists makes them fit together perfectly.

This CD presents three long tracks, one by each artist and a collaboration. It starts out with the collaboration, which is a beautiful drone of deep sound, like being deep under a mountain, or deep under water, and you hear the pressure. This is sometimes intervened with typical Lopez’ silence parts. The next track is by Steve Roden, and is quite a bit lighter and less droney. It sounds more sporadic and quite meditative, like taking your microphone for a walk through a field of grass or something. The third track is by Lopez, and is far more silent than the other tracks, being mostly silent with some sparse ultra-low rumbling.

This CD is a nice introduction to both artists work, and comes recommended. Also please note that Lopez will perform at this year’s Sonic Acts festival in Amsterdam. His performances are very spectacular as the entire audience is usually blindfolded.

artist: Lopez, Francisco + Steve Roden
label: Fario
details: 5