Lopez, Francisco – Untitled#150

I have been following the works of Lopez since his ?Azoic Zone? was released in 1993. Since that time Lopez has gained a considerable reputation for his recordings and his excellent live ?experiences? (if you have a chance to ?experience? one of his concerts, please go).

The releases of Lopez typically fall into two categories, one contains sonic storms and crystal clear recordings of natural phenomena (wind, rain, rivers, thunder, insects, etc.), this I will call the ?audible?. The other category contains the conceptual releases that are designed to make people twist their volume buttons to the max, this I will call the ?inaudible?.

It is this latter category of ?inaudible? releases that this CD falls into. I must admit that I thought it was kind of interesting when the first, almost silent, recordings were published. But after countless releases that mainly make you hear your stereo?s hiss when turned to the max, I am getting quite tires of this kind of stuff.

Lopez is certainly able to release really beautiful works, and it feels like a kind of missed opportunity when he feels the need to release another almost blank CD (with no artwork and no information on the CD).

I therefore conclude that this CD is very much unnecessary and not worth buying (since there is probably a beautiful and audible CD by Lopez that you do not have yet).

artist: Lopez, Francisco
label: Antifrost
details: [afro2022]