Loss – A letter that will never be sent

The packaging of this release directly gave me a good mood. I always find three inch mini cd’s very cute. Especially when they’re packaged in a tiny red velvet bag with a button on it. But when I heard the first sounds I wanted to run for shelter. An uncompromising wall of dense grinding noise. For a minute or two I was afraid that the cd would continue all the way in this extreme manner. But I did not give up and after a short while I started to recognize some individual sounds and rhythms. And hey, isn’t that some sort of melody popping up?

After a while the first track ‘All The World’s A Stage (But I Just Work The Lights)’ indeed starts to get more accessible. The harsh noises leave some room for heavily distorted vocals, nice rhythms and moody dark synth lines. In fact, I really think I begin to like this a lot! This is the first release of Loss, a project from New York, but it sounds very mature. The songs are very intense, they convey a feeling of personal catharsis.

The second song (the title track) is a bit more tranquil and melancholic, with the vocals reminding of very dark electro being the most aggressive. The melodic synth parts make me think of the work of Mago, combined with the rawness of Sanctum and the dynamics of Detritus. The last song, fittingly titled ‘Repose’, is more ambient and atmospheric, but excellent as well, good dark filmic stuff. One of the best industrial releases I heard recently!

artist: Loss
label: Inner Demons
details: 3" cd, 3tracks, 2004