Loss – I kill everything

Without a doubt one of the most impressive industrial releases I heard in the past months. Loss already caught my attention with the mcd A letter that will never be sent. The first full-length album of this New York based project of certainly fulfilled my high expectations.

The first track ‘The Turning’ directly sounds overwhelming. It has a huge wall of noise, with a thick crunchy sound which is barely penetrated by the heavy distorted vocals. But underneath it all is an attractive, melancholic synth melody which keeps you drawn to the track during its 7-minute lenght. The second track, ‘The waste that was to be’, is much more rhythmic, with a technoid beat and some repetitive ritual elements. A fine danceable piece somewhat in the vein of This Morn’ Omina.

It is followed by the slower, ominous track ‘Freedom in ashes’, which is dominated by harsh power electronics style vocals, noisy outbursts and a nice neoclassical background. Five more tracks follow, each with a different approach, like the droney ambient piece ‘Wrapped up?’.

Loss certainly has created a powerful debut album. Sheer force is combined with lush atmospheres, noise and melody go hand in hand. There is a great deal of variety abound and every track manages to convey a lot of (darker) emotions. Highly recommended!

artist: Loss
label: Spectre Records
details: cd, 8 tracks [S19]
tracks can be listened at myspace.com.