Lowfish – 1000 Corrections Per Second

Gregory de Rocher is next to the musician behind Lowfish also the co-founder of the Canadian Suction Records label. He is also known for his work with the Ersatz Audio label. which releases music by Adult and Magas amongst others.

1000 corrections per second is the third Lowfish album. Between all the electro and synth sounds that see the light of day recently this record manages to draw the attention. The songs are not the familiar tunes based on the predictable sounds. Melodic this is a strong album, just behind Soothing Sounds for Robots from Skanfrom. Next to that the listener is for once not treated with vocoder voices, all songs except one are instrumentals.

Highlights of the album are the metallic sounding and acid influenced ‘Photo disintegration’, the playful ‘Fric frac’, the cold ‘Black on white on black’ and the EBM-ish Around the neck’. Melody and dancefloor friendly rhythms are nicely combined on i>1000 correction per second. Maybe this is not an essential album, but it is in any case one that exceeds the average by far.

artist: Lowfish
label: Suction Records
details: 12'/cd [suction018]