Lowtechnicians – Random event

‘Random event’ is a three track promo cd from the American group Lowtechnicians. The group makes electronic dance music that is inspired by (modern) EBM, electro (pop) and (80’s) synth pop. Although Lowtechnicians is a relatively new group this is not their debut. They have already released a split e.p. with another band, The Alpha Conspiracy, called ‘Forward rewinding’. Both Lowtechnicians and The Alpha Conspiracy are released by Diffusion Records from Texas, United States.

This promo cd contains three different versions of the song ‘Random event’. The album version of the song is the best. It is a very dance floor friendly electro pop song with a steady beat and nice sounds. The vocals are at times reminiscent of Siouxsie and the combination of electronics and subtle guitars is a bit like early 90’s Depeche Mode. This doesn’t mean Lowtechnicians have a 80’s sound. There are definitely influences from that era but the overall sound is very contemporary.
Besides the album version there is a Alpha Conspiracy remix version and a version 2.0. The Alpha Conspiracy version is also very good. It is a bit more dance orientated and less electro / synth pop. Due to this it might appeal less to the goth and electro audience that will certainly appreciate the original version. The version 2.0 is also more into the dance music vein and besides that a bit harsher. Both remix versions are nice but not as good as the original.

‘Random event’ s a very good song. It makes me curious about their forthcoming album ‘Addictions, Issues, and Agendas’ later this year. This promo has also got me interested in The Alpha Conspiracy. The Alpha Conspiracy make intelligent and atmospheric electronic dance music with different influences like 80’s synth pop and trip-hop. Visit the Diffusion Records site for more info or listen to their music on mp3.com. It is also possible to listen to more tracks by the Lowtechnicians on mp3.com.

artist: Lowtechnicians
label: Diffusion Records
details: 3 tracks