Lowtechnicians – Remembrance

This is the first full-length cd by the Low Technicians. After a split-cd with The Alpha Conspiracy and the promo single ‘Random Event’ from last year there is at last the real debut album for this electropop band. Like their other material this cd is releases by the Diffusion Records label, which is responsible for putting out high quality electropop with more electro and less clash.

Remembrance opens surprisingly with the catchy ‘Paris’. A song hinting at The Smiths and New Order with subtile beats and synths combined with a acoustic guitar. ‘Paris’ is a very addictive song with a nice new wave feeling to it. After this song the album gets into more modern electropop but every song has a sort of New Order kind of sound to it. This is mainly because of the combination of electronics, guitars and a melancholy sound. Low Technicians seem to have become an updated, but original, version of New Order.

The songs on Remembrance are very well written. They make use of good rhythms, nice sounds and clever structures. The album itself is also very well put together with a lot of attention paid to the dynamics. More tender songs like ‘Desolation’ are alternated with harsher and faster tracks like ‘Losing Game’ and ‘Random Event’.
Diffusion Records may not be releasing a lot of records but what they release is very good. Everybody interested in good (pop)music should keep an eye on
the label this year. The forthcoming releases of Iris and The Alpha Conspiracy look very promising.

artist: Lowtechnicians
label: Diffusion Records