Ludmila – Passages from Stella Splendens

Some time ago I reviewed a 3 track promo cd by Italian wave band Ludmila. This cd was a teaser for the forthcoming cd Disadorne. Ludmila‚Äôs style is best described as minimal wave with trip hop and medieval influences. This ‘Passages from Stella Splendens’ is a yet another teaser for the forthcoming Stella Splendens cd, on which the bands interpretation of medieval music is to be found. The instruments used are the same as before, a bassguitar, a drumcomputer and the voice of singer Paola Bianchi. Some of the songs on Stella Splendens are based on her voice as on a piece of Gregorian chant and a procession song from the twelfth century.

Ludmila is no Qntal, but both teasers show a definitely growth in comparison with the Anamin mcd of almost a year ago. Watch out for this band, I guess more can be expected in the near future from Ludmila.

artist: Ludmila
label: self-released