Ludmila – PreLud[e]mila

Ludmila is an Italian neo-wave band with a very minimalistic sound. Through their minimalistic sound and sparse use of instruments the music is very atmospheric. Next to vocals the band only makes use of bassguitar and a drummachine. They do make use of guest musicians from time to time, like a guitarist on ‘Volo Grigio’.

The music is, as said before, very atmospheric. This is also due to the medieval like vocals, as on ‘Sabbia Suadente’. The drum rhythms they use show trip-hop
influences, which makes their music sound original compared to a lot of other neo-wave bands.

The overall sound may be compared to old style Cocteau Twins, like in their Garlands days. Too bad this cd is only a promo for the forthcoming full-length album Disadorne. The three tracks on this cd have made me curious about the rest of the music Ludmila makes…

artist: Ludmila
label: self-released