Luftwaffe – Solipsistica Nihilisti

When a band calls itself Luftwaffe you might expect to be in for a treat of darkness and loudness. You will not be dissapointed if this is what you expect from this new release on Punch Productions.

Luftwaffe produces martial and bombastic music that is based on hypnotic pounding rhythms on top of which dark vocals are placed next to pieces of melody and orchestrated sounds. Also there are some acoustic guitars to be found on a few tracks.

The sound is dark, raw, harsh and aggressive. So, this is not a record to listen to if you want to relax a bit. Most likely this music will leave you in a weird and disturbed mood. If you like Der Blutharsh but would like the music a bit more aggressive you will be pleased with this release.

There is only one track that is a bit more tranquil. It is the Sol Invictus cover ‘Fields’, which is sung by Richard Leviathan (Ostara). For the rest Solipsistica Nihilisti is a very intense record.

As always Punch Productions had paid a lot of attention to this release. This record is available on blue vinyl and comes with a beautiful and large poster (63 x 63 cm). It is limited to 303 copies and all copies are handnumbered. …

artist: Luftwaffe
label: Punch Records
details: 10", 10 tracks [PP07]