Luis Junior – Neibum

A pleasant relaxed album to listen to after hard day’s work. “Neibum”, the second album of the Spanish producer Luis Junior, is very suitable for a chill out purpose. He has released it on his newly formed own label Abyssoma Records, it is distributed by Ibiza. “Neibum” contains laidback electronic music with a crystal clear sound.

Somewhere between ambient, chill out, idm, triphop and other downtempo electronica. Mostly instrumental, sometimes with (slightly sensual) female vocals. Four different female singers from different countires are involved, giving the album an extra international character. Relaxing, but not too floating or sleepy. The music is also quite varied. An album full of nice dreamy, somewhat exotic, restrained electronic music.

artist: Luis Junior
label: Abysoma Records
details: [ABY 001 cd]