Luna in Caelo – Promotional compilation

A new name for me, this band from Chile. Luna in Caelo was founded in 1993 by historian Alejandra Araya and designer Daniel Davila. This compilation is spread to promote their new album “Noche era, la luna en el cielo brillaba”, which will be released on the Spanish label Drama Company. Earlier they also made an album for the Italian label Palace of Worms. This promotional sampler contains no less than 16 tracks, spanning their career form 1996 till the new album.

The musical means that the band uses are simple, but effective. Electric guitar, vocals and programmed rhythms are the most important ingredients. Luna in Caelo shows influences of post-punk, gothic rock and ethereal wave. Although they are form Chile, they sound rather ‘British’. The female vocals are rather prominent, reminding of Siouxsie and 4AD acts like The Cocteau Twins. The guitars and drums create a dark sound, which is dense at times, and sometimes more minimal. There is a lot of tension underneath the music, which occasionally comes to an outburst. Most songs stay rather soft though, forming ethereal landscapes, also reminding of early Cure. There is quite some emotion in the vocals, which sing Spanish lyrics.
Luna in Caelo could not hold my attention during all the 16 tracks on this album, but certainly showed potential. The music is rather old-fashioned, but I know there are quite some people around still loving this old post-punk sound, with the typical guitar wave sound.

artist: Luna in Caelo
label: self-released
details: 16 tracks