Lustmord – Carbon/Core

Lustmord doesn’t need a long introduction. B. Lustmord is one of the great pioneers of dark ambient music. And after more than two decades he still knows how to create impressive music. Recently Lustmord has been very productive. Apart from this album he also did a (unlikely) collaboration with the Melvins and participated in various soundtrack (“Underworld”) and remixing works. “Carbon/Core” is actually an extension of the sound elements created for the Happy Pencil site, wwich features works by artist Cam De Leon, noted illustrator for the band Tool.

Included on this cd is also an animation by De Leon, with bizarre dark artwork which is fascinating to watch, especially combined with the music of Lustmord. Unfortunately the animation is rather short, I would not have mind a movie-lenght film. Considering the music: in my opinion Lustmord is in top shape here. It’s so dark, dense and intense. There are grim and bleak industrial soundscapes, like ‘Immersion’, with sudden scary eruptions. Compared to that ‘The conflict of symbols’almost sounds melodic and serene, though it is still freezing cold. An hour of essential spine-chilling music.

artist: Lustmord
label: Happy Pencil
details: 5 tracks, 60 min., 2004