Lux Interna – Absence and Plenum

After the 10″ “Truth and beauty and all their severity”, now the debut album of this American folkloristic formation. Lux Interna brings us a mature album, with mainly soft acoustic songs. The dark voice of the singer is striking as before, which already lead to comparisons with Leonard Cohen and Andrew Eldritch! Also more use is made of female vocals on this album, which form a nice contrast.

Very beautiful is ‘The parting song’, a nice apocalyptic folk song (“Oh let me drown in my dreams / Is this world as sad as it seems?”). The music on this album is varied and melodic. An interesting track is ‘Hunter of echoes’, a slow martial composition. ‘For an autumn girl’ is a nice romantic piece. There are also a few short instrumentals: ‘Sarajevo’, ‘Krakow’ and ‘Budapest’, based on samples from audio recordings that the band took while travelling there.
This debut from Lux Interna is a decent album with a lot of atmosphere, but perhaps it lacks a few really outstanding tracks.

artist: Lux Interna
label: Eis & Licht
details: 13 tracks