Luxxury – The Drunk EP

From Omega Point I usually expect weird trashy electronic music. And that’s exactly what Luxxury from San Francisco brings. And they do it good! On this EP, released under license of Nolita, you can find four tracks of raw electro-pop kitsch with rock elements and sensual themes. Especially the title track ‘Drunk’ is highly entertaining, an energetic electro dancefloor anthem with deep basses.

‘All the way’ (Boy vs. Girl mix) is slower, but it’s a nice piece of 80’s nostalgia, combining postpunk guitars with synthwave and rather cheesy vocals in the refrain. ‘Disco Noir’ brings us back to the strobes and glitters with more trashy electro sounds, a nice Ladytron-like piece. The dirty mix of ‘Understood’ introduces heavier crossover guitar elements, say Lords of Acid meets Revolting Cocks.

An infectious EP with a high fun factor and the best release on Omega Point Records I heard so far. Promises a lot for Luxxury’s debut album “Sex With Rich People” which is coming next.

artist: Luxxury
label: Omega Point Records
details: 4 tracks, 2004