Lys – Mélisse

Prikosnovénie label boss Frederic Chaplain himself is responsible for Lys. This project displays precisely what the Prikosnovénie sound is. Dreamy music with oriental samples, shamanistic vocals and modern beats: traditions and modernity meet each other on Mélisse and Prikosnovénie.

Most songs on this record are very tranquil, due to which the music is a bit like ambient music. Only a few songs are a bit more up-tempo, almost danceable. ‘Mâtâta’ for example is an atmospheric triphop song with next to electronic beats percussion on derbouka.

‘Rebirth’, a slow but beautiful hiphop track with a dreamy mood, is also very good, a crossover between Eastern and Western music. But especially ‘Mirzo’ stands out. This traditional Kurdish song proves that Lys is capable of bringing together tradition and modernity without sounding artificial.

Next to having a good taste in music, Fredric Chaplain also has musical talent, as Mélisse proves.

artist: Lys
label: Prikosnovénie
details: 12 tracks [PRIK074]