Machiste – The Italian Stallion

Machiste is an electronic act whose music is largely comparable with the music by Skanfrom. The music is melodic, most track are more like sketches than actual songs, overall the atmosphere is wave-like and the sound lies somewhere between electro and electronica.

On The Italian Stallion there are twenty-nine untitled tracks of which only half is actual music, the others are spoken intermezzos. The rhythm structures vary from easy and poppy to more complex and unusual. Due to this some track sound pretty slick and others almost without structure. This variation makes this record really nice to listen to.

Overall this is not real dancefloor material. The Italian Stallion is an album in the category electro that is just little different from the rest, so a successful effort.

artist: Machiste
label: Thrillbeatconstruction
details: cd/lp [t.b.c. 004]