Mad Happy – Renegade Geeks

Mad Happy is an American duo with the names Mike iLL and Rivk who sing and handle the drum machines. On “Renegade geeks” they are supported by a bunch of other people, who mainly contribute vocals and turntable tricks. The result is a rather crazy, chaotic album that fuses electro pop, funk, rap and a wide range of other influences, with an improvised, rebellious attitude.
Apart from the music this album will also attract attention for the fact that four songs were produced by Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth of Talking Heads fame. Perhaps no coincidence Mad Happy often reminds me of their side-project Tom Tom Club now and then, with the mix of free-styling rap over a funky groove.
‘Renegade geeks’ is an entertaining album, but at times also tiring because of all the energy flowing in all directions. I mostly like the first two songs, ‘File2 the metal’ and ‘Paint it Pink’, which are feel good songs for on the road. The title track, ‘dedicated to the underground freaks’ is also quite a party anthem. As if the nine regular tracks weren’t enough, there are also mixed-up instrumental versions of most tracks (‘bonus beats’).

artist: Mad Happy
label: Mutiny Zoo Records
details: 15 tracks, 57 min.