Magnetize – Anti-Chord EP

Both the artist Magnetize from Ireland and the label Templedog from the UK were completely obscure to me untill this release. Anti-Chord is a 12″ EP with four instrumental tracks that fuse a wide range of electronic styles.

The record starts with the cool electro track ‘Hardcopy’ which has a dirty analogue sound and an addictive bass line, a bit in the vein of some Bunker Records releases. This really gets me moving as it works to its climax with the beats turned up and some darker atmospheric elements thrown into the mix. ‘The Moral Fashion’ is quite an agressive piece, with violent, almost industrial rhythms. You have to be in the mood for that.

On the B-side ‘Regolith’ has an uptempo, repetitive electro beat and melody which is somewhat funky and mildly danceable. Surprising enough it is combined with darker noisy drone sounds. An interesting track, compared to which the clinical electro/techno of ‘Pressure to conform’ sounds a bit plain.

This EP is certainly a nice surprise, with a good mix of styles and moods, danceable and atmospheric at the same time. Let’s keep an eye on what Magnetize will offer in the future

artist: Magnetize
label: Templedog
details: 12", 4 tracks, 2005 [FUDOG 006]