Magwheels – Lanterns + Treatkor

Magwheels is a relatively new project by a musician called David Sullivan. Magwheels uses influences from both post-rock and guitardrone music as well as industrial and dark-ambient music. This results in a very interesting and original mix between the two.

Lanterns and Treatkor are both self released CDR?s on David?s own Treatkor label. Lanterns was earlier released on the Mechanoise Labs label in France, while Treatkor has been released by Sacred Sound. Both CDR?s contain a solid base of melodic guitar drones and guitar manipulation, with an occasional noise layer.

Lanterns is nicely coherent, while Treatkor is more fragmented and seems to be a collection of tracks made at various times. Treatkor does contain some really beautiful tracks that are less noisy than those found on Lanterns, however, so I think this is my favourite.

These works will certainly appeal to fans of Justin Broadrick?s project called ?Final?, as well as to fans of Labradford or Stars of The Lid (although they are far more noisy).

artist: Magwheels
label: Treatkor
details: 2 x cdr