Magwheels – Lanterns

An American musician, David Sullivan, on a French label. A newcomer to me, but apparently his second album. Magwheels creates very good instrumental ambient music, which is rather diverse and experimental. Electronics and acoustic elements (guitar!) seem to be mixed. Harsh chaotic passages are alternated with emotional moments. The tension is built up slowly in the eight tracks, that sound subtle and mature. The music also seems to have filmic qualities, it leads me to different places and emotions. The first half of this cdr is more noisy and chaotic, later the tracks get calmer and more ambient.

The soundscapes of Magwheels are often blurry, with vague elements in the background. The structures and textures are rather loose and varying. Although at times a harsh noisy piece comes by, the overall mood is tranquil and thoughtful. There are regular surprises, like the spacious solitary guitar on ‘Mauntins’. ‘Cliirestarry’ is also very nice, tranquil and solemn. ‘Failing temple’ also has a lot of sacred ambience, despite its ‘broken’ sounds. The music on “Lanterns” is not very melodic and a lot of noise layers are used, but the sound remains fairly accesible. The atmosphere is mostly warm and melancholic. Absolutely one of the more interesting and individual forces in experimental electronic music that I have heard lately.

artist: Magwheels
label: Mechanoise Labs
details: 8 tracks, 40 minutes