Magwheels | Stone Glass Steel – Pane

This CD is not a real collaboration, but simply the new CD by Magwheels. However, over 40 minutes of the CD is remixed Magwheels material by Stone Glass Steel.

The first 7 tracks by Magwheels, are made up of post-rock guitar drones and industrial ambient-noise. The other two tracks are by Stone Glass Steel, and are a bit more bombastic. All tracks are really strong and intense, and radiante a nice atmosphere that is not too dark, and also not too light. This release therefore falls between the categories of industrial and post-rock. Which makes it comparable to the works of Maeror Tri for example.

Overall a very interesting and original CD, which will surely appeal to a lot of industrial ambient heads.

artist: Magwheels | Stone Glass Steel
label: Ad Noiseam
details: [ADN30]