Malbrook – Malbrook

Malbrook is a project by Wolfgang Meyering. Together with (befriended) guest musicians (amongst others Kerstin Blodig from Kelpie) he researched the (mutual) influence of Scandinavian and (Northern) German culture, language and music as this happened in the Middle Ages. The result is this album with on it a collection of Northern European folk songs and dances.

Not totally unexpected Malbrook sounds at times like Hedningarna and Garmarna, like on the unpolished ‘Blauwe Flagg’. The more tranquil pieces have some hints of Bären Gässlin and Faun to them (‘Dat Mest’ and ‘Malmazurka’).

The professional attitude and musical capacities of the musicians are evident on this album. What is nice is that despite this Malbrook never sounds academic, but has a lively folk character.

Hopefully there will be a follow up to this record, as the music on this album asks for more.

artist: Malbrook
label: Westpark Music
details: 11 tracks [WP87102]