Manasyt – Junk Mail

Kommando 6 is a German label that is specialized in dark and minimal, mostly electro orientated, electronic music. This is the ninth release in their series.

Junk Mail is a 4-track EP on which the act Manasyt manifests its dark and distorted electro. The overall sound is a bit hectic due to the lively rhythms, distorted beats and noisy sounds. Doomy synth layers in the background give the tracks a dark atmosphere.

‘Nicotine OD’ and ‘Back to Coma’ are both somewhat slower and minimal electro tracks with a few and subtle atmospheric parts. The other two tracks, ‘Brazil 2’ and ‘Junk Mail’, are dominated by almost industrial sounding beats, but these tracks make use of rhythms that you wont hear every day in electro music.

Junk Mail is an original electro record, that sets itself apart from the poppy electroclash that is so often heard these days. This is the real European sound. Dark and minimal electro, that has its roots in the tradition, but is not too predictable.

artist: Manasyt
label: Kommando 6
details: 12' ep, 4 tracks