Manufactura – Precognitive Dissonance + Sobredosis EP

This second album by Manufactura, the project of Karloz M., contains an explosive electronic mixture of industrial, powernoise, electro and IDM. Most songs are quite harsh, and the compositions are never very straightforward. The overall image it evokes seems to be inspired by torture and violence.

There are a few rather interesting tracks on this album. I must also say that 70 minutes of this complex electronic mayhem is quite exhausting. Most tracks are rather noisy, with uptempo rhythmic frameworks. Quite a numer of samples are incorporated, as well as a few atmospheric elements, to give you the much-needed space between the powernoise attacks and punding EBM beats. The tracks try to make you move, which isn’t so easy. Because many of these pieces have a lot of breaks and are not melodic enough to function well as dancefloor material. Or it must be the monotonous stomping ‘drill and noise’ Aghast View remix of ‘Blind, deaf and mute’ at the end. The album has its moments, but is also too much over-the -top for me personally sometimes. Furhtermore there is simply too much material, and not enough songs which really stand out. Still it is an intense creation, which will be appreciated by tough people with enough endurance.

The limited remix mcd ‘Sobredosis’ contains four further Manufactura tracks, if you still have some energy left. Track 1, ‘Muerto De Miedo’ (remixed by Databomb) starts rather restrained, with tension-building sounds and almost aggressive voices, but soon becomes more rhythmic and noisy, without becoming really uptempo. I quite like the rather dry beats. ‘Die For Me’ (remixed by Converter) is rather extreme, with monotonous beats and a rather dense industrial wall of sound, which is hard to penetrate. ‘Pain Provider’ (remixed by Pneumatic Detach) is more accessible, with beats combining EBM and techno.

This release is a co-production between Auricle Media and Hive Records.

artist: Manufactura
label: Hive Records
details: [HIV.08 LTD]