Mara`s Torment – Across for show/The barrier of skin

Rick MacLean is a solo-composer from Toronto, Canada. He creates beautiful electronic/ambient music and releases it under his own control. Via the Internet Mara’s Torment gained quite some attention. Since a while his CD’s became available through the Projekt mailorder. Mara’s Torment is all about atmosphere and emotion. Listening to it is really an individual experience.

The music is mostly very calm and has a minimal instrumentation. Melancholic string parts, blurred sound waves and subtle percussion. Some tracks are more electronic experiments with weird angular rhythms and 80’s-like arpeggiators. You are carried away from dreamy, heavenly tunes to dark, sad and lonely soundscapes. This music is very suitable to play in an introspective (or romantic!) mood at night.

When Mara left, everything was grey and dead…”

artist: Mara`s Torment
label: self-released