Martini Kulture – God Killing Himself Vol. II: paper & metal

Quite weird experimental stuff on this cd-r! The tracks were created with the unconventional and old-fashioned means of a dual-cassette deck, a reel-to-reel and an old phonograph. Apparently this is the second part of a trilogy which final can be expected in 2013. So we have time to get used to the sounds of these disc. As you can expect from the used sources, the sound is raw, gritty and lo-fi. Something which comes to mind on the first two tracks, which have a somewhat ritual feel, are the more experimental outings of Controlled Bleeding. The third track sounds like straightforward electro pop though, but lasts only for 32 seconds. Considering the title ‘Mom please don’t make me dance’ we shouldn’t take it too seriously. Its is followed by an inaccessible noisy piece, with a rather good ritual ambient ending. ‘Train of thought’ sounds downright diabolical, with speeded up backwards sounds. The noisy wall of sound of ‘Blood dumpster’ is quite cool for a while. ‘Black Plague’ leaves a more lasting impression with some heavily distorted loops. An intriguing and disturbing creation with minimal means and maximum effect.

artist: Martini Kulture
label: self-released
details: 7 tracks