Maska Genetik – Quarantine

New releases on Galakthorrö are pretty scarce. New acts on this German cult label are even rarer. Maska Genetik first made its appearance on the label compilation Kosmoloko, with two excellent tracks.

Now Galakthorrö has presented the official debut release of Maska Genetik, a 7″ EP called “Quarantine”. As usual the release comes with a special heavy cover in a limited edition to wet the collector’s appetite. The ‘angst pop’ style of the four tracks on this single won’t be too much of a surprise for followers of Galakthorrö.

Maska Genetik sounds somewhere the slower works of Haus Arafna (“Butterfly) and November Növelet. This means nervously pulsating analogue synth patterns, unpleasant spoken/shouted vocals with undecipherable lyrics, dirty noises and cold mechanical rhythms. As always the feeling is unpleasant and apocalyptic, like an aural confrontation with man’s lowest habits.

The tracks on the single sound slow and claustrophobic. They are more tranquil and less rhythmic than Maska Genetik’s contributions on the Kosmoloko sampler. The music on this single is not entirely original, but I find the atmosphere stll appealing and addictive.

artist: Maska Genetik
label: Galakthorrö
details: vinyl 7", lim. 498 copies