Mattin / Dion Workman – Via Vespucci

Via Vespucci is a 19 minute live recording by the artists Dion Workman and Mattin. This work consists of very minimal, static noises (hiss and crackling) that are of a very high pitch, near the inaudible. Somewhere in the background there is some lower rumbling. Suddenly there is a low buzzing sound with occasional interruptions. Slowly the work becomes more audible as monumental drones/noises rise from the background to a massive climax to simply break down again.

The result of this minimal use of sound is that people that are unaware of this kind of ?music? would probably be tempted to think that their refrigerator or air-conditioning have just broken down. Others might just become very annoyed. People who do like this sort of thing are probably aware of the works of John Hudak, Francisco Lopez or Crawl Unit, to which this release is very much comparable.

artist: Mattin / Dion Workman
label: Antifrost
details: October 2004 [afro 2025]