Meeting Places, The – Find yourself along the way

In the last two months I’ve played this album a few dozen times and I’m still fond of it. These four guys from California, with a traditional line-up of guitars, drums, bass and vocals have made an impressive and solid debut album. “Find yourself along the way” contains 10 perfect noisepop songs, in the best shoegaze/indie tradition, with hypnotizing guitar walls.

So what’s the charm of their music? I’m not sure yet. It may be the pleasant melodies, midtempo poppy songs with pleasant vocals. Or the spacious, shimmering atmospheric layers of guitar which carry most of the songs. Or the fact that the music sounds well-known and fresh at the same time. Most of their (British) influences date from the late 80’s, early 90’s. To drop some names: Slowdive, Jesus & Mary Chain, Ride. These influences can be heard in the songs, but still the music of The Meeting Places has something timeless.

They just have the quality to create indie pop songs which are both pleasing to the ear and emotional at the same time. Perhaps it may sound like a contradiction, but “Find yourself along the way” sounds nonchalant and dreamy, and serious and intense at the same time.

artist: Meeting Places, The
label: Words On Music
details: 10 tracks. [WM12]