Melek-Tha – Evil Indoctrination

If you want your music dark, Melek-Tha is your man. No sugar or milk is added to his black industrial cocktail. Lord Evil fuses dark ambient, industrial noises, orchestral bombast, ritual spoken words… There is a clear occult and sinister undertone in this French project. “Evil indoctrination” is already the fifth album of the apocalyptic war machine. A track like ‘The Law’ makes me think of a much more evil and bombastic Coph Nia piece. Through unknown forces the drums are beating and the horns are blowing harder and harder, while the exorcizing voice gains in strenght. The long monumental title-track has an atmospheric classical foundation and fierce chants. Angelic choirs are repressed without mercy. On ‘The Beast’ heavy martial drumming accompanies clergical prayers.

Finally the inferno calms down, as if you are relieved of your sins after a strenuous ritual penance. The symphonic industrial of Melek-Tha is not very subtle, but can blow you away through its monumental scale and fierceful orchestral industrial sound. If this was a movie it would be an enormous spectacle. Only for stable souls who don’t fear the four horsemen or Crowley adepts.

artist: Melek-Tha
label: Dark Vinyl
details: [DV #41]