Menche, Daniel – Heavy

I’m pretty sure this is one of my favourite Daniel Menche releases ever. It is a 3″ CDR that was released by Banned Production, and comes in a very beautiful handmade packaging (made with tape and glue).

The music, a single 20 minute track, is very droney and far from quiet. In fact it is very erhm,? HEAVY. The drone builds up and up, and stops just short of being total noise. The sound is like that of a very nasty drill, drilling into some sort of down-tuned alien guitar, which kind of sounds like it is a distorted bagpipe (well, get the idea?). In short the music is a very intense and meanly drilling wall of sound which is somehow really addictive.

artist: Menche, Daniel
label: Banned Production
details: 3" cdr, 2002