Menche, Daniel – Ram Horns

This is an intriguing little release. It is a four minute track by Daniel Menche on a business card CDR, which is a CDR in the shape of a business card that simply cannot contain more music.

The music presented here is a very noisy track with lots of stuttering noises in various layers, comparable to Menche?s noisier works, such as ?vent? (Touch/Or) or the recently released ?eye on the steel? (Alien8 recordings, see the review on this website).

Releases such as this are quite funny and highly collectible (there were only a hundred released), but their shortness is a bit of a downer (although that does make it a very intense listening session), it is therefore a must have for the collector, but I would really recommend a full length CD by Mr. Menche for starters.

artist: Menche, Daniel
label: Banned Production
details: business card cd-r