Mentallo & the Fixer – Return from Grimpen Ward

One of the best industrial/electro bands from the 90’s is back with this ‘Remixed Retrospective of Revamped Material’. Fourteen classics are collected here, put in a modern jacket to make them sound fresh, which they have done well. I’m glad that the band released this album, because the latest studio releases were them a bit unworthy and Mentallo seemed to die an honourless death. On this compilation the Dassing brothers show their impressive talent, with songs that every EBM fan should own, like ‘Legion of Lepers’, Grim Reality’ and ‘False Prophets’. My personal favourite is ‘Tachyon’, from the excellent “Burnt Beyond Recognition” album. These classic Mentallo tracks, fused with new styles and ideas, sound very fresh and perhaps gives Mentallo inspiration for the future.

artist: Mentallo & the Fixer
label: Metropolis
details: 14 tracks